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Name Necklace Selection

Designer Nameplates with multiple font styles to choose from. Personalized with the name and font of your choice to become truly one of a kind. The perfect gift for everyone from infants to grandmas.

Letters are approximately 9mm high... but if you prefer a different size let us know. Your wish is our command!

You could also choose to send us your preferred font and size via e-mail and we will try to accommodate. We will transliterate your name to hebrew letters at your request.

Pricing for names

(for letters approximately 9mm high)
Sterling Silver
up to 3 Letters: $49.90
includes 18" chain
Each additional letter $9.00
For styles #204 & #205 add $19.00

14k Gold
up to 3 Letters $199.90
includes 18" chain
Each additional letter $19.00
For style #204 & #205 add $55.00
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Pricing for Initials Necklace

(without stones approximately 15 mm high)
Sterling Silver: $49.90 including 18" chain
14k Gold: $279.90 including 18" chain
See image on right for sample.
Order an initial necklace

Font Options

font-selection (38K)
To order call 347-770-1049 or e-mail