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Cufflinks by Mendelea

The ultimate status symbol...

Just when you’ve given up on the idea of finding a gift that’s not – let’s face it – plain old boring, along comes this entirely unique idea: cuff links made exclusively for the one you intend it for. And when I say "exclusive," I mean it in the literal sense of the word.

You can design a pair of cuff links for a loved one (including yourself!) that no one else in the universe will have. Any design, form, shape or size; any type of lettering – Hebrew, English or other; any gemstone you desire; almost any image or picture you imagine; Mendelea can create it for you.

A customized pair of cuff links is the ultimate status symbol for "men" of many walks of life:

A pair of Mendelea cuff links is high on the wish list of many Bar Mitzvah boys, who have seen them worn by their friends and relatives. The Bar Mitzvah bochur delights in wearing them to the Seudas Mitzvah, and with the exception of the tefillin, is the most frequently worn Bar Mitzvah gift.

A gift like this is also an elegant way of telling a chosson how much his kallah and in-laws appreciate his special qualities.

For wedding gifts, there is a whole new category of creativity to allow your gift to be outstanding and memorable. Bring the monogram depicted on a wedding invitation to Mendelea, and they will reproduce the exact design on a pair of gold or silver cuff links. Of course, Mendelea can also replicate the monogram design on sterling Kiddush cups, napkin rings, napkin holders and more. How better to be assured that your gift will be appreciated and cherished than by personalizing a beautiful piece in such a meaningful way? Rest assured that a gift like this will remain a family heirloom, treasured forever.

Mendelea’s clientele spans a varied group: There’s Nancy L., a Hollywood executive, who loves the "timeless brooch" Mendelea made for her. There’s David W., CEO of a Boston investment company, who claims his Mendelea cuff links are always a conversation piece during meetings with bankers and other executives. And there are scores of financial powerhouses, sophisticated professors and community leaders who count their Mendelea "works of art" among their favorite possessions.

What makes a Mendelea piece of work different from the norm is the fact that the design you choose is not engraved, but is actually a carved piece with dimension and depth, bonded onto the item. The diamonds used in the cuff links are fine, high-grade stones, selected by qualified gemologists.

Mendelea’s design team has been trained at the prestigious F.I.T. jewelry department. Their artisans and skilled calligraphers use innovative, state-of-the-art methods to draw and craft each individual design. They also do upscale jewelry and have created unique rings with certified grade center stones in gold and platinum.

Nameplates for necklaces, either in Hebrew or English, are also a terrific gift option. Of course, you can add your individual touch by choosing to place diamonds or gemstones in particular parts of the name. Ditto for pins and pendants. Dream up a design and Mendelea will bring it to reality.

With Purim nearly here, consider a pair of Mendelea cuff links as an ideal shaloch manos gift for a loved one. Note that the meticulous workmanship requires a minimum of three weeks, so place your order timely.

If you want to be the owner of a "wearable work of art," call Mendelea at 718.438.0581, and let them dazzle you. They are conveniently located at 1362 55th Street. "BY APPOINTMENT"

Mendelea... Because "gorgeous" never goes out of style...

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