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About Us

Welcome to Mendelea Designers of fine monogrammed and personalized jewelry and wearable works of art in Judaic or English.

The personalized "wearable works of art" of Mendelea reflect the collaboration of an artist and goldsmith. Mendelea, a calligrapher and fine artist, develops the abstract concepts into beautiful designs, using either Hebrew or English letters. Names, initials, monograms or phrases are elevated to a new height of artistic form through Mendelea's unique talent.

Mendelea, the designer, technician and goldsmith, interprets designs and fashions them into concrete forms. These unusual pieces are exquisitely formed in either silver or gold using technically challenging and innovative methods.

Mendelea’s design team trained at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, and Gemological Institute of America.

In addition to the pieces shown in our catalog, Mendelea can create your company logo, designed monogram, or personal hobby theme jewelry to your specifications.

The creations of Mendelea promise to give you years of pleasure and delight.

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To order call 347-770-1049 or e-mail